Corraro Baseball

It’s what you do before the season starts that makes a champion.

Running and Stretching

Running and Stretching Routine (Before Practice and Games)


* Five lines down the outfield foul line (Each exercise should be done 2-4 times. All should take 5-8 minutes)

-          Jog -half speed through the coach about 60 feet away

-          High Knees – like your running in place, pump your knees up to your waist. Move forward slowly.

-          Butt Kicks – Bring your heels up to your butt. Move forward slowly.

-          Backwards – Run backwards staying low and reaching back with each step while leaning forward with chest.

-          Skip Jump – While skipping your feet, you will jump while brining the opposite arm up as high as you can.

-          Shuffles – Fielding position, shuffle your feet with out crossing them. STAY LOW!!! Heels should not click.

-          Carioci – Run sideways crossing one leg in front then one leg behind

-          Secondary Lead – Leading from the base, two shuffles sideways then sprint

(Players must run first for at least five minutes before they stretch out. Never stretch cold muscles)


* Start stretching the body from the head down to the feet. Hold each position for a ten count


   -       Head Rolls –Slowly roll head in a circular motion. Make sure you go in each direction

-          Arm Circles – One arm at a time, make a big circle with your arm going forward, then backwards

-          Arm Across Chest – Reach your arm across your chest then grab elbow with opposite arm and pull

-          Arm Back – Reach arm behind your back. Grab elbow and pull back slowly

-          Forearms – Extend arm straight out with fingers facing up then facing down. Pull fingers towards body.

-          Swing Arms Across – Swing arms across chest then extend out then across your chest again

-          Twists – With your arms extended out from your side, twist your upper body back and forth

-          Hook and Look – While seated, take opposite foot and put it on the other side of knee. Turn body towards the side with the knee up while pushing elbow on your knee in opposite direction.

-          Seal – From pushup position, raise chest and shoulders off the ground while keeping legs flat on ground

-          Plough – Lie on your back and bring both legs to the ground behind your head

-          Butterfly – While seated, bring feet in towards body keeping knees close to the ground

-          Leg Up, Back, Over – Laying on your back, bring knee towards chest and hold. Then pick leg up into the air keeping leg straight and hold. Then roll leg over to opposite side while keeping shoulders on the ground

-          Side Quads – Laying down on your side, grab foot and pick it up towards your butt

-          Feet Extended – While seated with legs spread, reach to the right, center, left. Hold each position

-          Side to Side Groin – With feet spread, lean body one way while keeping hands on the ground

-          Calves – In pushup position, reach one foot behind the other while keeping your heel on the ground

* IMPORTANT – Stretching after your practice is just as important as stretching before practice