Corraro Baseball

It’s what you do before the season starts that makes a champion.



 v      Always expect the ball to be hit to you.

 v      Say before every pitch, “if the ball is hit to me what am I going to do?” (Know what to do before every pitch)

 v      As the pitcher starts his wind-up, you should be getting in the fielding position.


 v      Communicate all the time (Catcher-Field General, Shortstop-Infield Captain, Centerfielder-Outfield Captain

 v      Always expect a bad hop on a ground ball or a bad throw to you. Be ready for anything.

 v      Use your glove to shield the sun on fly balls

 v      Always call for a fly ball three times

 v      First step is always back on a fly ball

 v      Make sure each player’s glove is the right size. (DAD’S SOFTBALL GLOVE DOESN’T WORK)

    Proper Position

v      Feet should be a little wider then your shoulders.  Make sure you are on the balls of your feet (front half). Glove foot slightly in front.

v      Knees should be bent.

v      Butt down with your back staying somewhat straight.

v      Head should be up looking at the batter.

v      Glove should be out in front of you. Make the triangle with feet and glove. Bare hand out like you are waving.

v      Outfielders hands should be out in front of your chest in an athletic position

    Receiving a Groundball

v      As the ball comes your head should be following it down into your glove.

v      Your top hand comes straight down trapping the ball in your glove (the alligator).

v      Once the ball is in your glove with your top hand on it. Try to grab a seam on the ball as you bring your hands to your belly before footwork.

v      To throw it your footwork should go (for a righthander) right foot, left foot.  Make sure you are stepping straight towards your target.  Use a piece of tape or draw a line in the dirt and use it for your feet. Just like a track sprinter you want to stay low and gradually come up.

v      Make sure your glove shoulder is facing your target and throw.  You should always be going straight.  Do not drift to the side. To achieve maximum velocity and accuracy you must stay directly behind the ball.

v      Treat the ball like an egg.  Nice soft hands.  Don’t break the egg.

v      Try to keep the ball in the center of your chest.

     Receiving an Outfield Ball

v      On a regular ground ball you may field it just like an infielder. If a runner is on you want to charge the ball and break down and field while trying to keep your feet moving. (Stutter Step)

v      When catching a fly ball, call for it three times then catch it with two hands on your glove side

v      After you make the catch, crow hop lifting your right then left knee up in the air while jumping to get your momentum behind the ball. Make sure you are lined up with you target when you do this.

v      If the ball goes above the brim of you hat it usually means the ball is over you head.

v      When going back on the ball, drop your foot, which side the ball is hit, straight back and run.

v      Always make sure you back up each other on balls hit to the outfield

     Fielding Drills


One person kneeling on the ground 8ft apart from the fielder. Using your bare hands to field the ball shuffle your feet back & forth fielding the ball.  Make sure you don’t cross your feet & you stay in proper fielding position.  Field the ball, and flip it back to your partner then slide across to field it on the other side.

Knee Fielding

While on your knees, get into fielding position with your upper body. When the ball is rolled to you, use your bare hands to field the ball properly (two hands, into the belly, separate the hands, and throw.) This isolates the upper body movements when fielding the ball.

Parallel Ball Lines

Line up two rows of balls with four or more balls in each row. Start by running up top the first ball, breaking down and field it. Immediately put it back down and shuffle across to the next ball. Field it then put it down and run up to the next ball. Make sure they are always move up, then across, up then across. Never diagonal. This is just like charging a ball and moving laterally to get to a call.

Drop Step Drill

To work on going back on fly balls, line up facing a partner. When he says go, drop your foot straight back and run. The partner will throw the ball over your shoulder. Make sure you work on left foot and right foot.