Corraro Baseball

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Proper Glove Size

Sizing Chart
Age Position Glove size
Under 8 Infield 9 inches
Under 8 Outfield 11 inches
9-13 Infield 9-10 inches
9-13 Outfield 11-12 inches
High School/Adult Infield 10 1/2-11 1/2 inches
High School/Adult Outfield 12-12 1/2 inches

Fit Tips

Softball (Adult):

  • The larger sizes (13 to 14 inches) are manufactured for softball players.
  • Outfielders typically wear gloves in the 12.5 to 13.5-in range because the large pocket makes for great catching.
  • Infielders looking for quick transfer often use a slightly smaller glove, between 12 and 13 inches.
  • Pitchers, like infielders, usually prefer the quick transfer of smaller, 12 to 13-in gloves
  • Middle infielders should look for a shallower pocket within the recommended size range.

Youth and Beginner:

Gloves that are too big allow "cheating," preventing beginners from developing and refining proper skills. Kids' gloves should not be bought to be grown into. The best way to learn the fundamentals of fielding and catching is by wearing a glove that fits well

Kids 12 and Under:

No larger than 12 inches. Kids 8 and older should try gloves in the 11s, while younger kids (especially if they are smaller) should consider gloves in 9 to 11 inch range.


Choose the lower end of the adult size range for your position.

Proper Bat Size

  Use the charts below as a general guideline for determining Bat Length.  
Baseball Bats Sizing Chart

Use the charts below as a general guideline for determining Bat Weight.
Little League (8-10 yrs)
Player Height Bat Weight
48-50" 16-17 oz.
51-54" 17-18 oz.
55-59" 18-19 oz.
60+" 19-20 oz.
Youth League (11-12 yrs)
Player Weight Bat Weight
70-80 lbs. 18-19 oz.
81-100 lbs. 19-20 oz.
101-120 lbs. 20-21 oz.
121-140 lbs. 21-22 oz.
141+ lbs. 22-23 oz.
High School & College
Player Height Bat Weight
66-68" 27-28 oz.
69-72" 28-29 oz.
73-76" 29-30 oz.
77+" 30-31 oz.