Corraro Baseball

It’s what you do before the season starts that makes a champion.

Baseball Achievement Levels

What should my players have learned by now?

5-6 year olds (Tee-Ball)

v     Rules of the game

v     How to catch a baseball with two hands

v     How to field a baseball with two hands

v     How to hold and throw a baseball

v     How to hold a bat properly and swing

v     Where to stand in the batter’s box

v     Always sprint on and off the field

v     How to stretch out before playing

v     Good Sportsmanship


7-8 year olds (Instructional)

v     Learn the strike zone

v     Know the situation (where the ball should be thrown when fielded)

v     Understand baseball terms (use your hips, look the ball in, turn two, etc)

v     How to run the bases properly

v     How to slide into the bases

v     How to judge a fly ball

v     Focus on hitting ground balls

v     How to bunt properly

v     How to get out of the way of a pitch

v     Getting in ready position before every pitch

v     Understanding how to back up the play


9-10 year olds (Minors)

v     How to pitch with proper mechanics

v     How to throw strikes

v     Proper arm care for pitchers

v     Two seam and four seam grips for pitchers

v     Understanding cut off man

v     How to hit with two strikes

v     Practice the same way you play the game

v     How to use your hands when hitting

v     How to use your hips to drive the bal

v     Understanding who has priority on fly balls


11-12 year olds (Majors)

v     How to throw a changeup

v     How to locate fastball

v     Arm strength exercises for pitchers

v     How to set up batters with a pitch sequence

v     Hitting approach (wait for your pitch, not the pitcher’s pitch)

v     How to make adjustments at the plate and work a count

v     How to hit an off speed pitch

v     Understanding the mental aspect of the game

v     How to steal bases and take an extra base